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Port open, but still stuck!


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Haiya, new to these forums, so excuse me if I say anything stupid.

Anyways, for the last month or so almost every torrent I have tried to add has gotten stuck on "connecting to peers" or "downloading metadata" at least for some duration of time while I had it in there. Some files would eventually download after a few hours, but some would just stay at that.

Today I finally got around to opening the port that uTorrent was set to use, and now it is seeing the port as open, but i'm still getting the same problems.

I tried connecting to my neighbors internet, and tethering the connection through my phone to use the data from that, but it STILL won't do anything.

On top of all this, I was having this problem before I completely restored my computer, so I have tried it on windows 7, and windows 8 now.

Some torrents are downloading just fine, but that's maybe 1 out of like 10 of them. Torrents I have downloaded before are even doing this now. It's just not making any sense.

Any advice?

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