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To reduce the size of my RSS Downloader & reduce the length of my filters, I have feeds for specific categories besides the generic feed for All categories.

For example, using Soaps category, a filter:*2013*, and a folder:TheBox Soaps, I can catch all soaps for this year. I do something similar for Dramas & Mysteries, Reality &Radio Dramas, although my filter would look more like:

*Biggest Hoarders*2013*|*Hoarder Next Door*, etc.

I monitor similar categories at TheEmpire.com. At present, I have 14 feeds. I use BEncode editor to change the order of feeds that are displayed in the left panel

This was the purpose of my original question.

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So why did you NOT ASK that question then instead of a rather vague that could of been answered in less time than it took to write the post.

If you want a good answer ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION and provide the right information. A post that is precise and to the point is going to get a better answer than one that rambles and never gets to the point.

But what you are doing will make little or no difference as uTorrent uses the update period specified in the feed by the originator or five minutes, whichever is the longer.

rss.update_interval: This option sets the length of time µTorrent should wait between each RSS feed update check. This value is interpreted in minutes, so please enter it as such. Any value below 5 will be ignored (and 5 will be used instead).

So whether it reads them in a sequence or not, they are probably not going to actually update in that order.

Hypothetical case:

job 0 - 20 mins

job 1 - 15 mins

job 2 - 5 mins

For every cycle, job 2 will update four times for each update of job 0.

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