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Can't hit my max download speed


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Recently brought a new laptop, and have downloaded utorrent again. However I can't seem to be getting the max download speed I know I can (around 800 kB/s)

I've got a BT Home Hub 3.0 router and have been on Home Hub manager and created and allowed a port (50000). Ive adjusted my settings in utorrent to match the port, on one download I managed to hit near my max download speed, however my next to downloads wont go passed 10 kB/s, yet I have changed anything.

I've also disabled uPnP on both my router and utorrent. I've checked some of the forums on here and nothing seems to match where I'm going wrong. Utorrent is allowed through my firewall so it can't be to do with that (i think).

Would really appreciate the help, sorry if it's a simple mistake! Bit of a noob when it comes to port fowarding etc..


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