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Muffed up with moving and renaming folders.


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Recently I decided it would be a good idea to organize all my music, so I renamed all the albums and put them in folders with the name of the artists. This took me about an hour. Another hour passed and I finally realized how I had just completely destroyed myself.

All my torrents say "error invalid download state" which I would know how to solve, but for some reason whenever I reset the download locations they still have the error. I did not rename or change any of the actual files themselves, just moved and renamed the albums.

May I also mention, that I rechecked one of my files and now it says "Error: Torrent file changed".

Is the reason this is happening because of the fact that I changed the album titles? If so how can I solve this, I desperately need to keep seeding all of these, thanks!

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You CANNOT change ANY part of the files and keep them seeding.

Full stop.


End of story.



Or any other colloquialism or statement you prefer that means it simply cannot happen under any circumstances.

Thank you for being honest, but my heart aches.

All of my work.

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Someone mentioned that if I redownloaded all the torrent files I would be able to just add the files to them?

Nope, you have irrevocably changed the structure of the contiguous data that makes up the torrent payload.

The BitTorrent protocol does NOT deal with files, it deals with blocks of contiguous binary data that when assembled in the correct order, the disc filing system of the operating system understands as 'files'.

"Recovery" would need the modified data deleting completely and the download restarting from scratch.

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