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RSS Out-Of-Order TV Season Handling


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I just have a query as to how utorrent handles TV Seasons that appear out-of-order

for instance

i have season 1 all episodes up to 9

season 2 episode 1 appears, this goes in the RSS history etc as expected

then season 1 episode 10 appears, will utorrent ignore this?

(this is mainly occuring with Mislabelled Seasons/episodes):/

as i understand it (or think i do) utorrents RSS Downloader remembers the last downloaded (and all previous) episode/season and goes from there so if the above happened i assume utorrent would ignore the older season and be waiting for the newer season

i use a filter across multiple feeds and the smart ep filter is ON


Filter: "TV?SHOW*"

Feed: "All"

thanks :)

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