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how to get an encrypted torrent file password ?!!


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hello all

i download a torrent Train Signal Windows server 2012 , and its encrypted with a password

and they sent with it a notepad file : Because of the copyright policy issued lately i've had to protect my files by using a password.

You can download the file password at : http://cleanfiles.net/?4zZLUNb

so i tried hard to download the password file from this link , but i was unable to do it ,

any one can help me to get this file


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Beware if Password Instructions, Special Instructions, or Exe Files Are Included

If you see a file in the movie/music torrent that says 'password', 'special instructions', 'codec instructions', 'unrar instructions, 'important read me first', 'download instructions here', then the torrent is quite likely a scam fake. These suspicious files are telltale signs that someone is trying to sneak malware onto your computer! Futhermore: if there is an exe executable file included, then avoid that download! For movies and music, there is no need for an executable file to be present, nor should there be any passwords or any special download instructions.


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