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your millionth 'i have upload problems' thread


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OK. I have a terrible cable provider that'll only give me like 256k upload (and that's probably a high estimate), so 20 ko/s seems to be about my actual maximum upload in uTorrent. I kind of randomly hit that goal, but no-where near often enough for me to assume that uTorrent is working properly. So i think i have upload problems.

I ran the Speed Guide, and i'm using settings that are slightly lower than what it suggested (like 50 instead of 55). This is what i have:

global maximum upload rate: 17 ko/s

global maximum number of connections: 80

maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 50

number of upload slots per torrent: 3

Everything in 'Other Settings' on the Torrents page is checked except pre-allocating files.

I patched tcpip.sys (to change the limit to 50 connections). I never hit the connection limit that often, though, just every once in a while. I think the only things i changed in Advanced Options are 'net.max_halfopen' to 15 (from 8) and 'peer.lazy_bitfield' to true (from false). Changing them back doesn't seem to have much of an effect.

I was playing around with the settings earlier and it seems like disabling uPnP (on both uTorrent and the router) helps out a little bit, so i did that. My port is forwarded correctly, in fact right now i have my computer in the DMZ, so naturally all of my ports are forwarded correctly.

A few minutes ago i got the green icon in the status bar for the first time ever, and that was right after disabling uPnP. But now it's back to orange, which i guess is pretty much what it's always at.

My upload should be about as high as it'll let me go, considering this Torrent i'm on has an enormous amount of peers, but it isn't. It jumps around from like 0.3 ko/s up to the occasional 10 ko/s, but it never hits 17 and it never stays at a consistent speed. If i look at the Peers tab it shows people connecting and disconnecting and connecting and disconnecting like it's their job, i don't know if that's normal. (And the upload to each of those individual peers is fluctuating a lot too. I'd guess it averages at maybe 1 to 2 ko/s per peer, although it occasionally goes higher.) There's nothing in the Logger tab.

The red line in the speed graph looks kinda like this, which illustrates how ridic the upload fluctuations are:


Disabling DHT seems to have a slightly negative effect, so i don't think that's the problem. I have only this one Torrent running, and it's not just this specific one that i have problems with, this happens for most of them. Rarely i'll get one that lets me upload as fast as possible, but it's very rare.

Any ideas?

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Hmm, strange then and normaly DHT disableing would do good for speeds because DHT traffic stresses a line very well. So having DHT disabled should NOT have negative effect on uploadspeeds, but the opposite effect.

And you have made shure to restarting µtorrent after enabeling protocoll encryption?!

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Yeah. :/

Interestingly, i left uTorrent on after i posted this thread and went to take a shower, and now that i'm back the little dealie in the status bar is green, and it's staying green. Which is neat, because that's never happened before.

The speed's a little better (it gets up to 16 now), but it still fluctuates all over the place.

I dunno, maybe that's as good as i can get it?


When i disable DHT, does it matter how i do it? I've just been right-clicking the orange/green icon and unchecking it there. Would it make a difference if i did it through the actual preferences thing?

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