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Help downloading torrent when there is plenty of peers


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How do I get my Torrents to either start downloading or finish downloading when there is more than plenty of peers with this torrent. For instance, I am downloading "XYZ" torrent. I have 2 trackers for it. one with 0 peers and one with 1 peer, The [DHT] has 19 peers, The [Local Peer Discovery] has 7 peers, The [Peer Exchange] has 40 peers. There is no Seeds and no Downloaded. But every so often it will connect between 0.1 and 0.4 kB/s but only does so for a couple seconds at a time then stops. So if it can do this without any seeds than it should be able to connect at a larger download speed without any seeds and download the files. I think it is ridiculous that all these peers connected to this torrent and either my uTorrent won't connect properly to download or these so called "Peers" won't seed this or allow me to finish downloading this torrent. Anyone know how to fix this problem?

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