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Seeding to more than one peer


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Ok, let me start off by saying the following.

I don't know much so please treat me like an idiot here and if you could kindly explain everything in full it'd be much appreciated.

So i just uploaded a torrent for the first time ever. it's for a private tracker.

I am the only seeder obviously and there are about 4 other people trying to download. I seem to be able to connect to one person just fine and they are currently on 17%. Where as the other 3 are on 0% have been for the last few hours. Is there a reason why i'm not getting through to them or something?

Why is it that i'm only seeding one person? My settings are correct i think.

Here are some screenies for reference-

Thanks for any and all help.



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First off, update to and if those peers are still showing uI in the flags column, switch to the logger tab, and turn on logging for "unchoke errors"

Context menu -> Error logging -> Log Unchoke errors.

Then post what shows up.

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[2013-06-01 09:42:47] Disconnected from WebUI proxy service

[2013-06-01 09:42:47] Haven't heard from raptor in a long time, reconnecting

[2013-06-01 09:42:50] Got proxy service response (rapton-i-9e0888ff.utorrent.com:9052, 199 bytes): {"username":"Ahmadcentral","status":"\/status\/ok","message":{"security_question":"yes","raptor":"http:\/\/rapton-i-9e0888ff.utorrent.com:9092"},"code":"\/api\/attach\/success","response":"Attached"}

I get that on a loop.

So there are people who have completed the file now and are seeding as well. Yet i'm still only seeding to one person at a time. It's the other seeders/peers who are doing the majority. If that makes sense?

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