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My torrent page is not working like it used to, it worked fine til now


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Ok first when i open utorrent and click on torrents it sometimes has a blank screen until i scroll up or down and then my downloads appear. Lately nothing i do makes my torrents appear. I downloaded a movie and i couldnt view the speed or anything because the screen stays blank except for the left collum where it says featured content, torrents, devices and feeds. I did get the movie i was downloading but i used to be able to keep track on the torrent page. Now the other thing. When the utorrent page was working and i could scroll through my movies to check my upload ratio to seed what i had to give back for a ratio of atleast 1.0. i was able to click play on any movie torrent and it would play. Now when i click play nothing happens i have to access my movies through media player or through the start button and click downloads. Choose and then right click and play. Now this works fine but i was wondering why i have to do it this way when i never had to before. But now when i click torrents on the left of the screen above feeds the page stays blank. and when i download a new torrent it used to show up at the top of the page with upload speeds and the time left to complete the download. I hope i explained myself and if someone could tell me what i did or how to resolve this problem.

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