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uTorrent 3.3 Disk overload


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Dear uTorrent devs,

On my PC, utorrent 3.3 has some serious flaws which makes it unusable. I have a fairly fast internet connection (150mbit) and utorrent disk caching does not keep up with the download speed. The interesting phenomenon is that I have no problem at all with v3.2.3. I get around 17.8 MB/s with the older version while v3.3 gives me a maximum of 5 MB/s and still get overloaded. I'm fairly certain there's nothing wrong with my hardware since it's been working flawlessly for the last couple of years and works fine with the older version. I also see some strange behavior regarding the caching. I see other people in the forums with same/similar problems so maybe we could work together to find out where this strange behavior comes from? Note, this problem has been here for many many months but I didn't use/test the beta versions just the official client, so there is some backtracking to do.

I'm a software developer myself (for the last 20 years) and I'd really like to help out to fix this issue. I can provide debug logs, description(s) of the problem(s), moral support and whatever else you might need...

I think it's better we email each other directly because I don't think this is an easy one, since it seem to work alright for many other people.

You can contact me on my email or provide me with an email where I can contact you. The ball is in your corner.

Kind regards,


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