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How To Get Full Speed In UTorrent 3.3?


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Hello, I am new to this Forum. I am downloading a large file of about 4.90GB and it has got 407 seeds but compared to the number of seeds I am getting very less speed of 36Kb/PS. But before same days I have downloaded the same torrent with 500Kb/PS speed but due to some reason I deleted it form my HDD but now I need this again and this time I have downloaded the torrent from the same Website and its number of seeds have also increased but I am not getting the full speed. But in the Peers tab I could see that many Peers are downloading it at 1Mb/PS and some with 2-3MB/PS then why am I not getting full speed? and its not only with that torrent but I have also tried a Torrent with 2000 seeds but then also my speed is not increasing.

Here is the screen shot:-


My System Specifications are:-

OS- Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit

CPU- Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz

RAM- 2GB DDR2 800MHz

GPU- NVIDIA Geforce GT 520 2GB GDDR3

Internet Speed- Download- 1MB/PS

Upload- 500KB/PS

UTorrent Version- 3.3 build 29677

Please Help Me..............:)


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