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What api/sdk/lib uTorrent use under Windows for opening port with uPnP


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Hello, Im developing a windows/d3d11 game and I will be adding P2P multiplayer, (its a 2 player game)

Problems with NAT dont need explanation.. Thats the second time I research about uPnP but its kind ridiculous, the info on the subject is a joke..

Since the game is dead on windows only, I though in using the uPnP apis provided by miscrosoft:


Even being the migh msdn, the info is not that good, theres a ridiculous old tut on codeproject, but lots of commenters are complaining about it not working quite well on win 7 and 8.

I would love to know what technology uTorrent is using to port forward with uPnP, since it do so successfully, just for the sake of not regretting making a bad choice. Would anyone one know?? Please, its precious information!

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