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disabling auto device detecting


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I see there a new feature:

when my uTurrent 3.3 is on and I plug in my android mobile phone - uTurrent automatically detects that there is a mobile device connected and it appears under "Devices" on the left panel.

how can I disable this feature please ? I really don't want it to detect my phone or offer to touch it in any way.

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Options -> Show Devices.

Is it really so difficult to click on a menu item that says Options just to see if there is an option that is relevant?

I wish it was that easy ..... I tried that before posting.

it still detects my mobile phone when configure that in the options, it just doesn't show "Devices" under the left menu.

how can I be sure? I went thorough these stages:

1) it showed "Devices (0)"

2) I hid it under Options -> Show Devices

3) I plugged in my mobile phone.

4) I unplugged my mobile phone.

5) I showed the "Devices" under Options -> Show Devices and it showed: "Devices (1)"

and that one device was my mobile phone.

so it still detects my mobile phone just not telling it is when I configure what you mentioned in the options.

I want it to not detect my mobile phone, to disable the feature.

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