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It stopped downloading


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Error: The system cannot find the path specified. (WriteToDisk)

^This is the error message that I originally had. I followed your instructions and I am able to download again. Thanks.

I still have old downloads with the same message that won't download. I would like to know, if you can help me step by step on how to recover these torrents that won't download. I am not utorrent savy at the moment, so please be patient with me. I really hope I worded that right.

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Again it depends on the why,

If it is/was the path length, shortening the full download path will solve it, you can also rename the job in the list with a shoter name, then set the download location which will create a new subfolder.

If there is a dot at the beginning or end of the primary subfolder, rename the job in the list, then set the download location which again will create a new folder.

If the job is failing on preallocating, skip the file or folder name with the dot and/or select 'Relocate' from the file context menu and remove the leading or trailing dot.

A last resort would be to remove the job keeping the data, edit the offending file name in the metadata, reload the .torrent stopped, point uTorrent at the existing data, force a recheck then start the job.

Make backups first though.

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