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Some download speed.


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If i download A, B, C, D torrents the speed of each other is different and kind of low. This is normal. If i download just A it is downloading with 1.5MB/s. Ok. If i download A and B, the speed of A is 2MB/s. Why?

Or if i download just A ( normal priority ) it is downloading with 1.5MB/s and at high priority it is downloading with 4MB/s. Why? It is just torrent A downloading.

The priority must be useful when we download more torrents, to setup the priority between them. If i download A with 1.5MB/s and B with 1.5MB/s, i setup A to high priority and A will download with 2MB/s and B with 1MB/s for example. If its just A downloading on normal priority and B its stoped, it must download A with 3MB/s. It doesn't work like that it seems. Why?

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