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Can only connect to one peer


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Utorrent 3.3.1 build 29932

Windows 7

Hi all had this issue for quite some time now, including older versions of UT, I get the same problem on two different machines, this and an xp ,machine, and on two different internet connections, one hard wired DSL and one Mobile 3G connection. Even on an initial seed despite many peers I can only connect to one peer at a time, occasionally for a short while it might go to two, I have no problem seeding to my max ISP upload bandwidth, and everything is very stable, I don't appear to have anything throttled, including the setting for how many peers can be connected at one time. This is all on two private trackers. Just to add I can seed many torrents at the same time (active), lots connected, but only one peer per torrent

I do have some stuff off, like in bittorrent, I only have "ask tracker for scrape" ticked, all other are off. Bandwidth is set to 200 peers per torrent, 1000 connections, 200 upload slots per torrent

Thanks for any help

PS at some stage in the past this did work OK

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