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Disk Overloaded %100


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This is a fairly new problem for me, occurring recently and seemingly randomly (without having made any changes to my settings, hardware, or software that I can think of)...

So whenever I download a new torrent and have connected to the swarm, my speeds steadily increase to around 1-3 MB/s, download for a couple of minutes at this speed, and then drop to basically 0 with the "Disk Overloaded 100%" message showing. The overload seems to occur more rapidly when I am running other programs/streaming video/using Firefox, but will happen even if I'm not running anything except what starts up with the computer.

Exiting uTorrent, ending the background process in Task Manager, and re-starting uTorrent fixes the problem temporarily, allowing me to complete the rest of the download... once I have done this, I am able to run other programs/etc. while downloading my torrent at 1-3 MB/s without a hitch until the end of the download. The problem reoccurs when I download a new torrent or when the next queued download begins.

Having searched Google and these forums, this seems to be a VERY common problem that MANY people experience... It is very frustrating that while my setup is CAPABLE of running successfully (as evidenced by the fact that, except for upon beginning new downloads, it DOES run successfully), it requires this level of maintenance and attention to get it going. Restarting the client every time I begin a download is a workaround, but not a real fix--especially since I often queue files to download overnight, when I'm at work, or other times when I'm not available at the computer to implement it.

I have already tried most of the "solutions" I was able to find online, but none have managed to fix the problem for more than a couple of minutes. I'm hoping you kind folks will be able to help me, since just searching failed...

What have I already tried?

-Running uTorrent as administrator (no discernible difference)

-Increasing uTorrent's priority to Above Normal in Windows Task Manager (only change is other programs run slower)

-Overriding automatic cache size to 128, 512, 1024 (small differences in time until overload)

-Checking and unchecking the options on the Disk Cache screen, in various combinations, including a variety of "recommended settings" found on these forums and elsewhere (small differences in time until overload)

-Increasing and decreasing the number of connections and upload slots (only change is small differences in download/upload speed)

-Turning on and off Pre-allocate all files (no discernible difference)

-Upgrading from 3.3 to 3.3.1 (no discernible difference... the logo changed though...)

-Disabling DHT and Peer Exchange (broke it)

-Probably other stuff I've forgotten? (all that stuff)

What have I not tried, and why?

-I have not tried downgrading the client to 2.2.1 or other even older versions as some have suggested... I don't feel like I should have to lose the benefits of a current client just to fix this problem; I feel like I'd rather find a different company's working current client than downgrade the same one I'm using now (mind you, I do like uTorrent and would far prefer a fix than a change).

-I have not tried using a beta version... I'm ONLY interested in running an officially released stable version of the client. I want the stable version to run successfully, and as advertised--stable--and while I'm willing to change my settings around to make this happen, I'm not willing to be a test subject for any upcoming versions.

So what do y'all recommend? As mentioned above, I've tried a bunch of combinations of different settings already, but maybe you have a particular set that I haven't tried yet? I'm happy to try whatever you've got for me, and will report back with the results or other information at your request... the more exhaustive you are in your description of which settings I should have on what, the greater the chances that I won't have already tried it.

uTorrent: 3.3 (build 29625), and upgraded to uTorrent 3.3.1 (build 29963)

Seeding 270 torrents (typically 0-3 actively seeding at any given time), downloading 1 large multi-file torrent at a time

I am Connectable and have an active internet connection: Comcast "Performance" High Speed Internet 25mbps/8mbps

Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security

Windows 8 64-bit (6.2. Build 9200)

HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC

AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon HD Graphics (2 CPUs), ~2.7 GHz


Thanks in advance for your help!

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And are you writing to an inherently slow(er) drive interface?

NAS, USB, Network mapped, SSD

ncreasing uTorrent's priority to Above Normal in Windows Task Manager (only change is other programs run slower)
Which will more likely exacerbate the problem.

The one thing you do not seem to have tried IS the one thing that WILL help, which is limiting or reducing the download rate.

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And are you writing to an inherently slow(er) drive interface?

I'm writing to the laptop's internal drive, which I suppose is inherently slower than if the laptop had come with a faster drive... but even a standard laptop harddrive should easily be fast enough to handle this sort of writing. And honestly, I would hope the fact that I'm using a 5400rpm laptop drive is not the problem, because it would be pretty sad that the program can't handle running in such a common environment (not exactly one of those "they can't code it to work flawlessly for every single user case" situations). I'm fairly certain my drive isn't too slow since it is observably fast enough--when I use the restarting-the-program workaround to circumvent the bug, it writes at high speeds no problem.

Which will more likely exacerbate the problem.

Ok? Why are you criticizing an idea I read, tried out, and had already rejected? This was a solution that someone else proposed because it worked for them, although since it didn't help me I already reverted the setting. Whether or not you're right about this being a useful tip, since I've already said it didn't work, it seems unnecessary to even mention it?

The one thing you do not seem to have tried IS the one thing that WILL help, which is limiting or reducing the download rate.

I have added download and upload limits for other reasons in the past and didn't notice any effect on the overload error. I know uTorrent and my computer are capable of operating functionally at full speed, because it does so successfully on a regular basis once I've bypassed this bug. That being said, what do you recommend limiting or reducing the download rate to? Presumably, the speed I would limit it to is based on my computer... so since I've told you the specs of the computer I'm using, what is the max speed I should set it to that will be slow enough to prevent the overload from occurring? Realize that to make it slower than a certain point kind of defeats the purpose of using a fast download method like torrenting or using a fast client like uTorrent.

I'm glad you're confident that this will work and speak with such absolute certainty, and I look forward to trying this once you provide any specific detail about what exactly should be done to help... I have somewhat less confidence than you, having already tried your confidently proposed suggestions in other threads to no avail.

So like... this is clearly a bug, right? It would be one thing if only a couple people experienced this problem, maybe they've got their settings wrong or maybe their particular computer's aren't up to snuff, but since the problem is fairly widespread it's not a matter of rare unusual user cases. It would be one thing if the problem couldn't be worked around, maybe it's simply not compatible with certain systems, but if the system is capable of running correctly after using a workaround it's not a matter of the system being the problem. It would be one thing if the program removed the overload message and returned to normal after the computer had a chance to process it's data, that would be working as intended, but once the overload message appears the only fix is to restart the program.

Reading the forums, it seems like anyone who brings this bug up gets told something along the lines of "it's not uTorrent, it's you." Really though? Just because you've never experienced a bug doesn't mean that the bug doesn't exist. Obviously we're all here to get help, and we're looking for acknowledgement and solutions, not condescension. Even being told "it's a known bug and we're working on it," is better than being told "there's no problem on our end, you must be doing it wrong."

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Yesterday I upgraded from uTorrent 3.2 (build 27568) to uTorrent 3.3.1 (build 20017). No settings were changed.

Shortly after starting a download, which increased in speeds to 1.3 MB/s, the Disk Overloaded %100 message appeared, downloading and uploading ceased. It stayed that way for several hours until I shut it down. I had to use the Resource Monitor to completely shut down 4 threads that were stuck doing network activity and did not finish after >15 minutes.

New test:

Restarted uTorrent with no downloading. All's well except that over a period of >2 hours there has been no upload activity started. The Logger shows much activity, so something is not right.

Started one download with limit 100K, watching Disk Statistics. Cache slowly filled to 128K, at which point downloading stopped, Disk Overloaded 100% appeared. Cache stays full and no disk writes over the following >15 minutes.

The same torrent had been downloading on at least 3 previous re-starts and still the file does not appear on the hard drive. Download for this torrent is now at 610MB with nothing stored on the HD, which is a high performance Barracuda Black drive.

There appears to be no way out but to go back to version 3.2, which was working fine.

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