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variable font size in advanced settings


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One of the things uTorrent is missing is the ability to customize the torrent window/category list by allowing to select the font size. In my case with a full HD screen resolution, the font is really small and is hard to see. I would like to have a setting in the advanced settings section where the font size could be chosen by me (the user) in order to provide a more readable display. One way this can be remedied is to tell windows to use a larger font zoom (i.e. 125% / 150%), but this does affect the look and feel for other programs as well.

I know that changing the font size can sometimes mess with the current screen layout, and fonts that are too large can mess with this as well as popup windows, but there should at least be some choice even it is smaller/small/normal/large/x-large/xx-large.

This would be greatly welcomed by other users. Before posting, I did run a search for this topic and came across a couple of mentions regarding the same issue: how to change the size of the font.


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