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Accidentally installed "extra" in latest update. How do I remove it?


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Hey guys,

In the utorrent updates I'm used to unchecking whatever toolbar add-on box is present so I don't install the "extra" stuff along with utorrent.

This time it looked like a license agreement and I ended up agreeing to it thinking it was the utorrent agreement, not installing "extra" software or toolbars or something.

What i've been trying to figure out is:

1. What did I install?

2. How do I remove it?

The only change I've noticed is my browser history, cookies, and tabs were all deleted and my homepage was changed to yahoo. What other damage was done?

Really grateful for any help. I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but since I don't know what I installed I don't know what to search for in the forum search bar.

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