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uTorrent keeps crashing (+WMP)


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After downloading a torrent, Utorrent kept crashing. What can I do about this, i run Spybot and Spyhunter, cleared my pc with it. Installed a newer Utorrent install over the old one (can't unstall it because that too will crash) and even tried system restore to an earlier point then the torrent download. All seems to be in vain, and uTorrent keeps crashing at opening (strangely enough the uTorrent window keeps open and it seems to work in the background, but the crashwindow is over it and I can't do anything). On top of that, Windows Media Player seems to be crashing on start up as well since the incident.

I'm running a Windows 7 operating system with uTorrent

Here's my crashdump:


Anyone have any clue to help me out?

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