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Downloads very slow on one connection - help appreciated!


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Hello, first post, would appreciate some help!

A fibre optic home connection I occasionally use has now thrown up an issue where all download speeds stick between 0-5 kB/s.

I use the same uTorrent on other connections so I know it's something to do with this particular network. In fact, the local BT wifi-fon connection outside of the household is what I am currently using to download/upload. Also this connection used to be brilliant up to about 3 months ago so I am unsure to what has changed. Finally, if I reset the router and computer for 10 mins, the download will start up again at the original fast speeds I used to savor (500 kB/s), for about 10 mins before dropping to 0-5 kB/s again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank You!

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