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How do I save a feature from an old version of UT, even I upgrade plz?

Muntazar Al Zaidi

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Hello, I am new to this Forum, but not new to Utorrent, thank you for letting me join. :)

The 'search for Torrent on the web' option is no longer available using the latest version - I would really like to add it to my toolbar, even if I reinstall the latest version.

(I only have the two or three default tool bars on Mozilla) If I am using the wrong forum topic, I'm sorry.

Is there any way to put this tool on the latest version on my browser, please? I'm pretty sure it's Firefox 22.

Is this possible, please?

Here is what I'm wanting to save to a tool bar: "Search the web for content" from UT 2.2.1 - Find Content

Thank you very much.

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add a new engine to the FireFox search box

Thank you for replying to my post ^_^ I haven't done this (what you said) because I don't know how to add torrent stuff to that drop down menu - I wish I did!

Before my system had some 'upgrades', I had the greatest drop down search options - perfect - now all is lost, except the default ones. I didn't want any toolbar - I want to know how to do just as you suggested, please.

I just want to cry.

please email me again, OK?

Many thanks.

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The majority are looking for ways to REMOVE the uTorrent bar from their browsers.

------------------------------------------NEW POST----------------------------------------------

Hi - I did a search (duuuh), and found a how-to to add more search options, YAAAAY!

And now I know what those things are called, thank you so much. ^_^


Why not do like most others do and use Google? Or add a new engine to the FireFox search box?



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