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Search window fails to open search engine


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After typing a entry into the top right search window and clicking enter, no browser window opens with the search engine. It was working fine at version 3.3.0.

Computer specs: Windows 7

Program specs: Latest utorrent version 3.3.1 (non-beta)

Browser: Latest google chome (set as default)

Search Engine set to: http://torrentz.eu/search?f=

Troubleshooting steps attempted:

1. Uninstalled utorrent, restarted, reinstalled latest utorrent 3.3.1

2. Switched default browser to Internet Explore, restarted, and switched default browser back to Chrome

3. Step 1 with utorrent beta version.

4. Switched search engine to another search engine: http://www.mininova.org/search/?utorrent&search=

The final fix was:

Add a "Torrentz|" before the search engine.

For example: Torrentz|http://torrentz.eu/search?f=

This didn't used to require the entry before the http, so is a change in requirements.

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