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utorrent+active torrents = nsi service gobbles up my RAM


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Huge wall of text below, but to put it short: utorrent+active torrents = nsi service gobbles up my RAM

I'm running utorrent 3.3 (29677) on a 32bit Win 7 Pro machine with 3.5 GB RAM (usable out of the 4 GB installed).

I tend to reboot very rarely and leave my machine on for extended periods of time. Two reboots a month roughly, I would estimate. This is not a dedicated torrent machine, though. Im using it for everything.

I've recently noticed that my system starts to run low on memory after a few days of uptime. Checking the reason in task manager, I noticed that a lot of memory is tied up in an instance of svchost.exe (more than 1.5 GB at one point, as I recall). This memory is apparently not released - only a reboot brings me back to normal system performance.

The problem with svchost is, of course, that usually each svchost.exe contains a number of services, which can be seen by right-clicking the svchost.exe in task manager and selecting "go to service". So I googled for a way to identify which one of them is causing the memory grab and I separated those services into their own svchost instances until I could identify the one that eats my RAM: "nsi" ("network store interface service"). I have not found a reason as to why utorrent is causing nsi to need so much ram. Ive also not found a way to free memory up again (apart from rebooting).

Now why am I posting this here?

Because the RAM is only consumed whenever utorrent is running (with several active torrents).

If I leave utorrent off, the RAM consumption is "normal". (However, turning utorrent off after the RAM is already taken up by svchost/nsi does not free up the memory again).

Also, it seems that the more torrents are active, the more quickly RAM is taken up.

Any thoughts?

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