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When I change hard drives, torrents go from completed to downloading


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Every now and then, I change the hard drive where the completed files are. I stop seeding and finish them. I do make sure that the drive letter is the same, and that the folder is the same. But its no good, the torrent files are no longer finished, they are now ''Error:can't open torrent --directory name--' because the .torrent has files haven't been copied into the new hard drive'. When I copy the .torrent hashes to the folder equivalent on the new hard drive, and click recheck, utorrent finds nothing and starts all over again.

The files can be rechecked and successfully reintroduced into the completed area only when you actually have the files in the hard drive. But if you're always changing hard drives, and don't have enough space to put them all in one hard drive, then it's not possible to keep all the files in the completed area.

When I copy the .torrent hash files from the old folder to the new one on the new hard drive, the files for the corresponding hashes are still in the downloading folder but they are now numbered like normal downloads and, when I recheck, they fall back in place and go back to finished and into the completed area where they belong. When I don't copy these hashes and the new hard drive doesn't contain them, the corresponding files stay in the downloading area AND they have no number.

There must be some way of keeping all the old files, that have already been downloaded into previous hard drives, in the completed folder. The reason why my utorrent crashes so often could very well be because of all these extra files sitting in the downloading folder. If anyone has any clue if there's a solution, I'd be very grateful, thanks

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