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Moving to another computer with different disk letters


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I recently re-formatted my computer.

Before doing so I saved all the files in the application data/utorrent folder as required.

I restored them and it recognises them ok.

However, I have changed the setup of my computer.

The disk where the downloaded files themselves go is still the same (an external disk).

However, the disk where my "Documents and Settings" is has now changed from E to C.

Used to have a dual-boot but not anymore.

So, uTorrent is now complaining that it can't find the .torrent files in the old address.

Is there any way to point them all to the new one.

I made the required change in the preferences so that any new downloads will put the torrent file in the new place but it doesn't seem to have affected the old ones.

Short of downloading all the torrent files anew, is there anything else I can do?

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