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uTorrent only shows up as a/several processes


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Every since I reinstalled Windows 7 a month ago I haven't been able to open uTorrent properly and have been using Vuze as a substitute.

Whenever i open uTorrent.exe the program itself doesn't open, all i get is a process in the process manager taking up about 5000k memory. If I try to open the executable again I get more of the same process.

I have tried:

Opening as administrator

Making an exception in AND turning off Microsoft Security Essentials

When I deleted settings.dat and settings_old.dat it opened once but then refused to do it again

There is no 'unblock' button under properties

I have tried reinstalling the program several times

Wierdly enough, not even BitTorrent wants to install

OS: Windows 7 64bit

Version: 3.3.1 build 30017

Does anyone know could be wrong. It seems like I've tried everything. If you need more info, just ask, any help would be appreciated.

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