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Utorrent makes my computer freeze!!


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I don't know what's the problem here and i'ts making me insane!

When i use utorrent while downloading a torrent my PC completely freezes, i can't do nothing but force-restart. Sometimes when this happens and i'm listening to music there's a buzzing sound. Is completely random, and i've tried to fix it by reinstalling utorrent, disabling nod32, updating network drivers, running utorrent as admin (a few people recommended this), using the memtest that comes with windows (no problems at all) and still the problem is there!

I use a 64 bits windows 7, in a quadcore intel, 4gb ram, 150 gb harddrive. I had a similar problem with the realtek sound drivers, freezing battlefield 3, i bought a new sound card and that fixed the problem. I had this problem with utorrent way before that.

Help please!

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I am having a similar (but less severe) problem with utorrent 3.3.1 bld 30017.

I am using Win7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1 on an HP M6 laptop (i5-3xxx, 8Bg ram.)

In my case playback of any video (while utorrent is running) either from the web (e.g., youtube) or from files on hard drive (internal and USB) unpredictably causes temporary freezes in the video playback with a loud BUZZ sound. This lasts for a period of 1 to 3 seconds, after which the video continues to play. I see also a spike in CPU use up to 50-60% at that time, which also drops to normal levels of about 5-10% when the video continues.

I also experienced a Windows crash upon closing windows at the end of the session when the freezes occurred.

I have had no instances of any such problems in 6 months since buying this laptop, but I have not had the bandwidth available to run utorrent for downloadiing until recently. The problem only occurs when utorrent is running. I have had it happen with VLC player and with Media Player Classic. I do not use windows media player.

I had more severe instances (BSOD) of this occurring under Windows XP SP2 on an older laptop with an earlier version of utorrent for many months without any solution.

It appears this could be the same problem as under XP but Win7 may handle the problem better.

I'd be happy to help figure this out if someone has ideas on what and how to test it.

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