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get back Install directory choice and Windows advaned firewall compat.


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Hi, love the program;

After a re-install I downloaded the newest version. It no longer asks for an install location? I understand that putting it in the appdata/roaming folder enables auto-update, but at least give people a choice. I don't like apps in that (hidden) location, and don't use auto update. Google chrome does the same annoying thing.

Also, and maybe this is connected to the install directory, I have windows advanced firewall block everything by default and only enable apps I want to. With 3.2.3 I'm running now (installed in program files) I can just add 2 rules for incoming and outgoing in wf.msc and it works.

With the newest 3.3.1 I can make the same rules but it won't download...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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