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Seeding rudeness


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I have been using torrents off and on for many years. In all the rules of seeding I have seen, on both public and private sites, I have never seen anyone say anything about not stopping when you are the last seeder!

There are not to many things more aggravating than downloading 90%+ of a torrent and to have the only seeder go off line. If you see there are other peers downloading and no other seeders,


That said, I have one other observation. We are in the broadband age! Why cap your seed uploads to less than 50kB/s? Even that is low when most of us are capable of 5MB/s upload speeds. 50kB/s is only 1% of most of our capability. I have even seen people cap by volume. Why? The number of bits you uploaded to someone else doesn't help the poor bastard that is waiting now, and we have all been there. I would like to see 100kB/s or 200kB/s with no caps on amount uploaded, think how much faster we could all stop seeding and move on to the next download.

I am sure someone will have an explanation for some of my complaints, but I had to post them. I am not unreasonable and happy to discuss these issues.

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