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downloading stuck at metadata and only one peer available in "peers"


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It been a day since I have not been enable to download. my downloads are stuck at metadata and sometimes at connecting to peer.

for a few seconds download will start and then stop and only 1 peer is available, but the torrent is seeds by over 1000 people. so i dont know why am i facing this issue.

i tried delete the dht.dat and the old file, but it did not help.

Any Ideas.. ?

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I figured it out. It is a uTorrent problem that seems to stem from a computer that was put to "sleep". Upon waking, uTorrent is in some sort of communications zombie state and is unable to communicate. In fact, if you attempt to quit the application, you'll find it does not even properly shut down - it just hangs. Any subsequent instances will also be screwed.

To get it to work again, you have to go into task manager (control-shift-escape) and end the uTorrent process. Open uTorrent again and you will be back to normal!

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