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Becalmed since upgrade... what am I doing wrong.


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Hi - bought another year subscription to uTorrent (awesome bit of kit guys) but since I downloaded the new file (suddenly I'm on 3.3.1 can't remember what it was before) all downloads have sat for two days just at "checking 0.0%" and start/forcestart/force recheck are all greyed out as options and if I pause them they don't stay paused after a few hours they just go back to the above. Is there some setting changed when the new version went in? Or am I doing something wrong Luckily this doesnt affect uploads so the time isn't completely wasted and all my bandwidth (such as it is) is being used to upload so the last few days aren't a total waste but this is going to get old eventually if I can never download anything again.:( Anyone any ideas how I can get round this?

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