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Massive RAM eating


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uTorrent 3.3.2 (build 30180)

So I seed 100gb movie pack where there are 6 .mkv bluray films... When im seeding at speeds 2mb/s or 3mb/s then its all ok, but as I start to seed over 3mb/s then utorrent starts to eat my ram untill no more left... Like im seeding with 10mb/s then utorrent just eats my ram like with one bite.... And im not seeding to 100ppl but to 1 or 2 ppl!

I have 8GB of DDR3 ram and cache is set mannualy to 700mb to dont get disc overloaded as i download with normal speeds.

Here is a screen that i snipped -


The almost full line is when utorrent was running, and the 'drop' is when i cloased it! In task manager it shows typical memory use when downloading ~200 000K

Why is the programm doing this? I cannot do anything on the pc cuz have no ram left because of this... :(

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uTorrent being a 32bit application can ONLY address 2 GB of memory at the ABSOLUTE maximum, and it would have crashed well before it got to that.

If you read the memory stats correctly you would see that it is Windows caching that is grabbing the memory just in case it needs to use it.

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