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Torrents not showing up


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I'd post screenshots, but they wouldn't really help. The problem is simple: when I load a new .torrent file from the elite P2P sites I'm on, it doesn't show up in uTorrent. How do I know that they're there, rather than not being added at all? Because you can see the data upping and DL'ing, and when you try to add one of .torrents in question, it gives you the whole "The data from the selected torrent is already blah blah blah" popup. I even DL'd a new .torrent just today, and even though it went without a hitch, the files are now on my computer, the .torrent does not show up in uTorrent.

At least I know they're working, but if I wanted to change options like bandwidth allocation on any given individual .torrent, edit trackers, or remove one from uTorrent, I'd be SOL...

I am a pretty experienced elite P2P user since '06 and know uTorrent well enough, but this has me stumped, guys. Any help very much appreciated.

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