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Utorrent not working need


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I ben having trouble with utorrent since reinstalling my computer.

The problem I am having is that it shows all of my torrents with 0(0) seeders and 0(2) peers. This exactly the same for all of them. Even though I have checked website to see what that give and contacted poster to make sure that they are still seeding.

I can tell you that I running windows 7 64bit that is upto date. Also windows firewall has utorrent listed with permission. When I run the setup guide it fails the bandwidth test on all servers giver error code 10060' but pass the network connection. Also have the protocol encryption enabled.

Just any help needs to be simple to understand as I am dyslexic and do not really understand how bit torrents work, except when I installed in last it worked like plug and play with me not have to do anything.

Thanks any help


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Thanks for the replay but I need simpler instruction as most of that left me confused. Also not speed that the problem is not connect at all and that all my torrents are showing the exactly the same seeders and peers. I have also tried turn my firewall off such did not help.

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