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Missing downloads


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I have two hidden tasks. If they download when the time comes (I use the scheduler), that's fine... but I wanted only a very small portion of one of them.


I had some problems earlier with uTorrent going unresponsive when trying to add a couple torrents earlier today, which was likely due to my firewall settings choice (allow for this session rather than just create the rule). No big deal I think - I reboot the computer, and start over by creating a few permanent rules with my (new) firewall program.

But the torrents won't add: utorrent says they're already there. The thing is, they aren't in the task list. I carried on and added another one I was looking for... and my list jumps from #3 in the queue to #6.

I'm using v. 3.3 build 29126 and adding via magnet links. (Edit: Running W7 x64)

I've tried restarting the program, and reordering the task list. Nada.

Any idea how to get those two things to show up?

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...and the real reason I won't buy pro to support the developer?

Forum staff would rather type out a response that basically says "fuck off" to help requests, when the solution consists of three words and two arrows. And possibly a period.

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