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uTorrent vs Netgear: round one


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hi all! i live in a student house where the wifi is "free" and provided by the house owner. all us students agree that we use uTtorent only after 2:00 am, so that we wont bother each others studies. we have been living like this for a year now with no problems. recently our landlord changed his router to a netgear router. uTtorent ports are getting blocked. since we aren't so good with computers we don't know what to do.... from what i understood after several google searches is that we need set uTtorent to a port that is not blocked by netgear. can anyone suggest solutions? our landlord is 65 year old that has no clue on how to define his netgear settings, he is rarely available and we need to solve this problem our-self's.

more relative information: we don't have access to the modem settings, and for the moment nither the landlord. he lost the password to access the router settings and is supposed to call the company to retrieve it... by the time he will resolve it i'l graduate...

any suggestions? is there a way to find out what ports netgear isn't blocking, so we can set that port to our uTtorents? thanks ahead dimix

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