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v3.3.1 (30017) - 'Remaining' wrong during 'Force Re-Check'


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Thanks to "ciaobaby" for pointing out that uTorrent v3.3.1 is fine, this is NOT an issue, and it must just be that I misunderstood everything.

I have removed the text of my issue, since it's just rubbish. I wouldn't want others doing a search, only to find a wrong issue reported.

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- As the pieces of File 1 (Downloaded by Torrent A) are Verified as Downloaded for a File that has a Priority of DON'T DOWNLOAD. the 'Remaining' will decrease to ZERO (Assuming File 1 is LARGER than File 9).

Lookup cross-file pieces and "sparse files" settings.

Given the FULL Size of File 9 has NOT YET been verified as Downloaded, why is the 'Remaining' column showing ZERO?

Isn't that fairly obvious????????

AND The BitTorrent protocol doesn't have a concept of "files".

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