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What engines search filenames as well as torrent names?


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Isohunt is gone! I feel like I have lost a lover. One awesome thing about isohunt is that it searched the filenames of the files included in the torrent, as well as the torrent name itself.

So, if I wanted to download Iron Man in 1080p in an mkv file, I would just search "iron man 1080p mkv" and it would show me which torrents have files ending in .mkv.

Every other engine I have tried does not do this. They only search torrent file names, so if I search "iron man 1080p mkv" and the actual torrent listing does not say mkv (for example "Iron Man BluRay 1080p") it will not yield any results. Now I have to search "Iron Man 1080p" and search for one with an mkv file as opposed to an mp4, etc.

This is frustrating -- it was great to be able to narrow a search down quickly like this.

Does anyone know any other sites that search file contents as well?

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For the indexing sites that publish the content of the torrents they have indexed, just use Google (or Yahoo!/Bing) Search [Yahoo use results from Bing so searching at either one will do].

Use a refined query pattern to narrow down the results.

"file name.ext"+1080p+torrent

should return decent results, the quote marks are important because it makes the query a phrase specific (exact match query) one rather a word combination (broad or close match query) one

Or you could try a file type query at Google with:

filetype:mkv key words

Read this document on how to refine Google searches.


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