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UI Bug.


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Stumbled upon this, and although its not a big deal, I thought of posting here.

Problem: Clicking on an option results in an alternate menu being opened. (see screenshots for a better explanation)

Steps to reproduce problem:

a) Start downloading a new torrent.

B) Go to the files section of the torrent.

c) Right-click on a file of the torrent, and mouse over "Priority".

d) Ensure that one of the option of the "Priority" menu is directly over the tab bar.

e) Click on the above-mentioned option.

f) The priority is changed according to the option selected, however an alternate menu is also opened. This menu is the same menu opened when the user right-clicks on the tab bar.

Screenshots to further explain:

a) Files section :


B) Priority menu:


c) Alternate menu opened:


d) Tab bar:


The steps above are for the "priority" option, but on further investigating, the same issue occurs with all options in the "Files" section.

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