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Actual file size much larger than utorrent is reporting


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I currently have a very very large download in utorrent. It is 371GB.

It is only 73% done, but when i check the actual filesize on disk by right-clicking on the folder->properties it is display 565GB.

That is quite the difference. Will this free up the extra used space once the download has finished?

and why is this occurring.


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Thanks for your quick answer.

I have 2086 files in the torrent that range from 10Mb - 690Mb and virtually every size in between there.

My drive is formatted in GUID Partition Table at a 4096 allocation size.

I am fine with the extra used space, that is not an issue, I just want to understand why it might be happening so I will be able to calculate this difference in the future.

Thanks again!

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