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Need a utility to recover actual torrent names from the torrent


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I have a directory with about 5000 *.torrent files in it. Many of them have names which include special characters such as ? _ , + [ ] ( ) { } and other things

I found a great program for renaming all files in a directory. It has many options.

The default operation is to simply give every file a generic name like this:


Laurel + Hardy.torrent


and the program would name them automatically as:




My intention was to use the REPLACE option so I would rename them as:

LOTR hobbit.torrent

Laurel Hardy.torrent

Anime shogun.torrent

But, I forgot to select the REPLACE option so it went to the default, giving me 5000 torrents names File0001.torrent, File0002.torrent... File5000.torrent

MOST of my torrent files have the name of the file embedded in the first line of the torrent. I would like to recover the name of the torrent file from the data WITHIN the torrent file.

I bet there is already a utility that does that, but I can't find one.

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