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Recover from ReadFromDisk error


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Hi All,

Got some switch issues at the mo, but can't replace it just yet as xmas is too close. So i'm getting "the specified network name is no longer available" "ReadFromDisk" error within uTorrent. Windows can recover from the switch crapping out every now and then but i have to manually go and start the torrents again.

Does anyone know how i can get uTorrent to automatically keep restarting the torrents?

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my first post here :) I had the same issue with my external drive. Windows (8.1) disconnects the drive and immediately reconnects it, causing my torrents to stop if they were active during the disconnect. I wrote a small program that uses the "run this program when torrent changes state" to restart torrents that have the ReadFromDisk error using the Web UI.  I have only been using it for a couple of hours but it seems to work pretty well, except sometime there seems to be too many input sent from uTorrent, but that happens rarely.


If you want to try it out, send me a message. If more users want it, I can upload the binaries once it's been tested.

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