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Disk Overload (opinion needed)


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Hi all,

I have recently tried to add torrents with a lot of content (think 14 files of 560 parts each) and this basically halts everything.

I have read a bit about it and I understand the Disk is getting quite busy about it, allocating all the files (takes like 2h) and Disk Overload would mean the hdd can handle all the information its getting.

Thats all fine and understandable.

When it start downloading though, it gets say 4mb, tries to write on drive, and for that it needs to recheck. Now this means every 4mb it rechecks a +2GB file. Thats over 30min to write 4mb to one place.

I just needed some opinion on how to minimize this, I read about the cache option and I've tried it, but all it really does is postpone the problem until the RAM is full. Yes, its still better to write 1GB (or whatever amount set) worth of data instead of 4mb, but its still not very pratical is it.

I thought about not allocating space at all and write directly (why is it checking for every write anyway) but I wouldnt know how to go about this. Plus I fear massive defragmentation issues.

I just... dont know.

Any hints?


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I didnt mean to imply there is something at fault with utorrent, I dont think it is.

Its just a lot of information and perhaps there are some settings that can be optimized for this.

I should probably mention the NAS in being accessed wirelessly (which can help with the check taking longer)

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