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Can't add new torrent through webui


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I can access and log in to the webui without problems, I can see start stop pauze etc.. any torrent, but I can't add one though webui, even using local ip. Adding though the application is no problem.

I couldn't choose the install directory so I had to copy everything from appdata into program files in order to make it run as a service on my server. I'm using the latest version of both the webui and µtorrent (beta enabled)

This problem seems to have happened before in 2009-2011 but I didn't want to revive the old threads.

How do I fix this ?

(os is windows server 2008 x86)

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webui is 0.388, utorrent is 3.4 beta

browser is chrome.

I think it was because of the double installation after me copying things.

But I can't set an exe in appdata to always run as a service, it starts and stops immediatelly.

EDIT: Sorry, was my fault, not the program's. Please delete this thread

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