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Modification to the priority feature - Prioritize by folder order


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Greetings my friends!

I like the the possibility to prioritize the files I download and I love the "Use fine grained file priorities" and the "Prioritize by file order"-features. However, I think it should be modified so that you can prioritize by folder order as well as file order. That would be very useful when you download torrents that have the content put in several folders and compressed in rar-files which often contains hundreds if not thousands of files in total, making both of the priority features a lot less useful.

If you download something big that has more than 15 folders that you want to download in a specific order it would also be great if you could use even more fine grained file priorities/folder priorities, and I don't see a reason for why there would have to be a limit. If you want to download a massive torrent containing a tv-series with 10 seasons for example it would be great if you could prioritize which folders to download first by name. Then you'd get S01E01 finished first and S10EXX last. This would be especially useful for users who have a slow connection or if the torrent has few seeders.

Also, I would prefer if it would be possible to make priorities asap after you've added the torrent and one good place would be to add this feature to the window that pops up when you add new torrents if you have "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent" under "When adding torrents" activated.

Your thoughts? :)

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