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Memory usage


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Downloading with uTorrent doesn't seem to cause any issues, but when I see, I get this weird high memory usage.

When doing heavy seeding, my memory usage will grow from about a 2GB base, up to 6GB. Now the interesting part of this is my commit memory does not increase and Process Explorer claims uTorrent is only using about 128MB of commit. I even tried disabling caching under Advanced uTorrent settings.

When I close uTorrent, my memory usage will drop from a full 6GB down to about 2GB, instantly. This makes no sense, since Windows think uTorrent is only using 128MB of memory.

Any ideas?

Thanks :-)

edit: uT 3.3.2, Win7

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It seems memory mapped files are consuming all of the memory. It wouldn't be an issue except their all active file handles.

It seems uTorrent is leaking memory mapped file handles, which is causing the kernel to consume kernel memory.

Why Windows allows an application to effectively DOS the computer by not releasing file handles, I have no idea.

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