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Newbie to uTorrent questions - setting up already completed downloads


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Vuze stopped dead cold for me, so switching to uTorrent for now. As I bring the torrents over, I have two questions right off:

- I've set the location of torrents in Prefs > Store and Load From. Those torrents are in a different location than the download locations by a couple of folder levels. When I click on Add Torrent or Add Torrent (choose Save directory), I expect that it will open to the Torrents folder, but instead it opens to the last download location everytime. What am I missing here?

- Is there a way to physically separate completed downloads from ones still in progress a la Vuze except by sorting on Status?

- Most of what I'm setting up has already been completely downloaded, 100%, and so uTorrent checks them and turns them to Seeding. But I've got one torrent that keeps wanting to download again, even though the folder download location is correct; i.e., I try to change data location just to be sure and get the message that it's already been chosen. What might be going on?


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If I'm smarter than average bear, then you can count on it that I clicked "Help" first and didn't find what I was looking for. That doesn't mean it's not there, but where my brain didn't know to look.

That's my "signature" NOT the reply, .... you READ the bit ABOVE the line just before the sentence of .... "


This ˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅˅ is a signature not a reply."

And the underlined words are LINKS so you need to put your mouse pointer over them, then press and release the left button on your mouse or "touch pad"

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