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'Finalizing' seeding...


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Sorry if this has been answered already...

I like to DL torrents to a 'DMZ' location (for security's sake), so I do the following:

1. DL the torrent to my DMZ directory

2. Using the 'Store .torrent files in' feature of µTorrent, the .torrent is immediatly moved to a new location automatically.

3. The actual download remains in the DMZ directory I configued with the 'Put new downloads in' feature

Once the DL is complete:

1. The torrent file is moved to yet another directory using the 'Move .torrents for finished jobs to' feature

So far so good. Now I look the file over and decide if I want to move it to a permanent seed location outside this DMZ. I don't want this to happen automatically.

What's the best way to do this? Preferrably one that perserves the ratio and history?

I tried removing the the torrent from the list, moving the files (or directory), and then reloading the torrent, but it just starts downloading again. I tried removing and loading with 'load torrents as stopped' set on, and then chaging the 'set download location' and re-checking. This works but I lose the history (not the mention a new .torrent file is created).

It would be nice if the 'set download location' option changed to 'set seed location' once it was completed. Am I missing something?

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